Romance with a kick

Romance with strong sexual content

New Species Series by Laurann Dohner-   5 Monogamous, Protective, Alpha Males 

  • Fury
  • Slade
  • Valiant
  • Justice
  • Brawn
  • Wrath
  • Tiger
  • Obsidian
  • Shadow
  • Moon
  • True
  • Darkness

Cyborg Seduction Series by Laurannn Dohner  5-Monogamous, Protective, Alpha Males

  • Flint
  • Kissing Steel
  • Melting Iron
  • Touching Ice
  • Stealing Cole
  • Redeeming Zorus
  • Taunting Krell
  • Haunting Blackie 

Zorn Warriors Series by Laurann Dohner- Monogamous, Protective,  Alpha Males

  • Ral’s Woman
  • Kidnapping Casey
  • Tempting Rever
  • Berr’s Vow

Raines Series by Laurann Dohner 5+ Monogamous, Protective, Alpha Males

  • Propositioning Ms. Raines
  • Raine on Me

Mating Heat Series by Laurann Dohner-5 Monogamous

  • Mate Set
  • His Purrfect Mate

Fifty Shades of Grey by E.L James  Sexual Content: monogamous BDSM

Politically Incorrect by Jaid Black
Trek Mi Q’uan Series by Jaid Black    Sexual Content: 5+ 

  • The Empress’ New Clothes
  • No Mercy
  • Enslaved
  • No Escape
  • “Naughty Nancy” (in Strictly Taboo)
  • No Fear
  • Dementia
  • Seized
  • Devilish Dot
  • Never A Slave

Brides of the Kindred by Evangeline Anderson

  • Claimed#1
  • Hunted#2
  • Sought#3
  • Fought#4
  • Revealed#5
  • Pursued#6
  • Exiled#7
  • Shadowed#8
  • Chained #9Sexual Content: 5+ Monogamous

Grabbed Series by Lolita Lopez- Monogamous, Protective Alpha Males 5+

  • Grabbed by Vicious
  • Caught by Menace
  • Saved by Venom
  • Won by Cipher-not out yet
  • Taken by Terror-not out yet
  • Freed by Torment-not out yet

 Louisiana Liaisons by Lynda Chance – 5 Monogamous 

  • Seduced by the American Millionaire 
  • Blackmailed into Bed
  • Bedded by the Boss

His Indecent Proposal by Lynda Chance
Josh and Hannah(Redwood Falls#1) by Lynda Chance
Marco’s Redemption by Lynda Chance
The Mistress Mistake by Lynda Chance
The Rancher’s Virgin Acquisition by Lynda Chance
Sarah’s Surrender by Lynda Chance
The Sheriff and the Innocent Housekeeper by Lynda Chance
Staking His Claim by Lynda Chance
The Thrill of the Chase by Lynda Chance
Under the Cowboy’s Control by Lynda Chance
The Billionaire’s Obsession by J.S. Scott


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