Breed Series by Lora Leigh

The Breed Series by Lori Leigh          Monogamous, Protective, Alpha Males

  • Tempting the Beast-Callan and Merinus-Lion Breed
  • The Man Within-Taber and Roni-Panther Breed
  • Elizabeth’s Wolf-Dash and Elizabeth-Wolf Breed
  • Kiss of Heat-Sherra and Kane-Snow Lepard Breed
  • Soul Deep-Kiowa and Amanda-Coyota Breed
  • The Breed Next Door (in Hot Spell Pathology) Tark and Lyra-Lion Breed
  • Megan’s Mark-Braden and Megan-Lion Breed
  • Harmony’s Way-Harmony and Lance-Lion Breed
  • Tanner’s Scheme-Tanner and Scheme-Bengal Breed
  • Wolfe’s Hope-Wolfe and Hope-Wolf Breed
  • Jacob’s Faith-Jacob and Faith-Wolf Breed (both of them)
  • Aiden’s Charity-Aiden and Charity-Wolf Breed
  • In a Wolf’s Embrace(in Beyond the Dark anthology) Mathais and Grace-Wolf Breed
  • Dawn’s Awakening-Dawn and Seth-Cougar Breed
  • A Jaguar’s Kiss(in Shifter anthology) Saban and Natalie-Black Jaguar Breed
  • Mercury’s War-Mercury and Ria-Lion Breed
  • Christmas Heat(The Magical Christmas Cat anthology) Noble and Haley-Jaguar breed
  • Coyotes Mate-Del Rey and Anya-Coyote Breed
  • Bengal’s Heart-Cabal and Cassa-Bengal Breed
  • Lions heat-Jonas and Rachael-Lion Breed
  • Styx’s Storym-Styx and Storm-Wolf Breed
  • Primal Kiss in the Primal Anthology-Creed and Kita-Lion Breed
  • Navarro’s Promise-Navarro and Mica-Wolf Breed
  • An Inconvenient Mate(Tied with a Bow anthology) Malachi and Isabelle-Coyote Breed
  • Lawe’s Justice-Lawe and Diane-Lion Breed
  • Stygian’s Honor-Stygian and Honor
  • Rule Breaker-Rule and Gypsy Rum



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