Friday Fictioneers – 2/27/2014


The Walk

Word Count: 97

The walk along the railroad tracks was always boring. This time grandmother let me bring my best friend Murphy. He followed me faithfully down the tracks towards the old house grandmother lived in. The hikers were always old people. I wondered when a young person would walk by me but it never happened. The backpack mother made me bring bounced against my back. It was filled with grandmother’s favorite yarns and fabrics. Suddenly, I looked up and saw young person walking towards me. I’m starting to like these boring walks along the railroad tracks.

Friday Fictioneers: 100 word stories prompted by a picture that Rochelle Wisoff-Fields posts every Friday. Read more stories here.

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About Romance Bookaholic Traveler

I like RV camping, birdwatching, walking, outdoor cooking, reading & writing romance. Enjoy!
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6 Responses to Friday Fictioneers – 2/27/2014

  1. I ‘d guess the young person was of the opposite sex and their eyes met, smiling. Nice story.

  2. Dear RBT,

    Welcome to Friday Fictioneers. Looks like things are looking up for the young hiker.



  3. i b arora says:

    there is always hope

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