Daily Prompt: Five a Day

I’m exiled on a deserted island, and my captor only supply me with five foods what would I pick?

I would need to pick food that would keep me healthy and happy on the island. I could find fruit and nuts on the island so there is no need to pick them. I could hunt for fish and other meats.

I would choose water first because I need that. I would never be on an island without my trusty Yorkshire terrier so the dog food my capture so generously provide would be helpful. I think chocolate and peanut butter would keep my spirits up while I wait for my rescue. My last food item would be the a big bottle of wine to go with my chocolate and peanut butter.

Daily Prompt: Five a Day



About Romance Bookaholic Traveler

I like RV camping, birdwatching, walking, outdoor cooking, reading & writing romance. Enjoy!
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