Daily Prompt- First Light

I’m starting the daily prompts to improve my writing skills. Today the prompt is: First Light

When waking up this morning I’m ashamed to say I didn’t look outside and see the sunrise or the beautiful blessings in my life. No, my first thought was of the dreaded anxiety monster kind. My thoughts kicked back and forth between the pros and cons of having a relative visit our home. This relative doesn’t give me joy. This relative likes to tell me “You get too much” This relative holds a little meter over me when I have fun.  Jealousy Meter On? This relative is a grown adult now. I won’t let her ruin my joy. Finally, after kicking around the pros and cons of letting her visit. The visit is vetoed by my husband so I don’t need to worry about her visiting for a while. The anxiety monster leaves and I’m okay again. I see the sunrise the beautiful oranges and reds shining brightly outside and my world is good again. I’m looking forward again……

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