Free Read: Heat of Stone


Title: Heat of Stone #1
Author: Cathryn Cade
Series: The Frontiera Series
Genre: Sci Fi or Futuristic Romance
Sexual Content: 5
Author Site – Cathryn Cade

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On the wild planet of Frontiera, Rose Thorne is out to save her brother. But when she holds his disreputable boss at gunpoint, Stone Masterson shows her just how ruthless he can be … and how tender. With space pirates on the loose, is she safe in his arms, or is she just another pawn in his struggle to rule this new planet?


The characters are likable. Bad boy Stone is interested in sweet, brave Rose. Rose is going to save her brother but she needs Stones help.  When the chips are down Rose doesn’t give up she comes up fighting.             Gotta love a girl like that 🙂

Rose is a fighter

Rose is a fighter

The world building is interesting. I couldn’t put this futuristic book down. You have nothing to lose because the book is free.

The LodeStar series is build in the same world but Heart of Stone is my favorite.

Starks Pleasure by Cathryn Cade

Five Roses

Five Roses

Five Roses

Sci Fi Shots:

download (3) scifiromance-259x300


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