Breath of Life #1

Could this be what Anita home looked like?Could this be Anita’s home? Until the Zhore?


Anita? Desolate Planet?

Title: Breath of Life
Author: Christine Pope
Series: Gaian Consortium
Genre: Futuristic Romance
Sexual Content: Spicy

My Thoughts:

This beauty and the beast story is a favorite of mine. I like Anita she is smart, sweet & willing to put herself in a new situation. What is Anita’s new situation like? Not much is known about the alien Zhores but Anita needed a change in her stagnate life and she got one.

Lathvin is very patient with Anita, he is hoping for a miracle cure for his planets infertile problems & a companion/wife. The characters are likeable, the plot is interesting and the world building is a good start for a futuristic romance series.

My favorite quote of the book:

“No offense. As my father always says, there’s no shame in being poor, but it can be damned inconvenient.” Anita quoting her father

Five Roses

Five Roses

Five Roses

birds desert moon plants 1920x1080 wallpaper_www.wall321.com_38640x304_4649_Remote_system_2d_sci_fi_planet_space_stars_picture_image_digital_art


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