Book Series of the Week!

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Author: J.D Tyler
Series: Alpha Pack Series
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Author’s website: J.D. Tyler
Sexual Content: Spicy

My Thoughts:

Alpha Pack is filled with Wolf Shifters and Psy abilities.

Together these paranormal ex-seal guys are learning what it means to be a wolf shifter in today’s world. After being bitten in Afghanistan they formed a group of top-secret wolf shifters that hunt down predators  some of the supposedly predators are so cute like Chup-Chup and Sariel.

The Bondmate idea is so good. I love it when a hero & heroine share a special bond.

Jaxon’s Psy ability of time bender is useful I can think of so many thing to do with time bending. The dinner is burned go back in time, the dog got hit by a car go back in time. etc etc

Aric the fire starter would be handy at a BBQ. Kalen, Ryan & Zander all have abilities I would love to have but can’t so reading about them is the next best thing.

Great Series! Great World!

Series Titles:blue-eyed-wolf-animal-eye-sled-dog-dog
Primal Law – Jaxon/ Grey Wolf, Retro Cog & Time Bender
Black Magic – Kalen & Dr Mackenzie Grant
Savage Awakening – Aric/Red Wolf, Fire starter & Telekinetic
Black Moon – Kalen/Black Panther, Necromancer and Sorcerer
Hunter’s Heart – Ryan/Silver Wolf, Channeler & Telepath
Cole’s Redeption – Zander Cole/Black Wolf & Healer
Alpha Pack – Untitled
Alpha Pack – Untitled

Five Roses

Five Roses

Five Roses


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