Book Series of the Week!

Werewolves of Montana Series
The Mating Chase kindle
The Mating Hunt  kindle
The Mating Seduction
Coming Soon! The Mating Rite

Author: Bonnie Vanak
Series: Werewolves of Montana
Genre:  Spicy Paranormal Romance
Sexual Content:   The First two books are Spicy. The Third book is Scorching.

My Thoughts:

A small town shifter pack series.  

The pack members and leaders  look out for each other. I feel so warm and cozy every time I read a small town shifter series.

The first novelette The Mating Chase is about Dale & Beth. Their struggle to find love right in front of them. Dale is protective, alpha & monogamous. Beth is curvy and can’t believe anyone would want her. 

The next book The Mating Hunt is the story of Kyle & Arianna. Both characters have problems with the past that must be resolved. They are close to each other but unable to take the next step towards love until they resolved their past.

The Mating Seduction the story of Jackson & Lexie.  The sexual content goes way up in this one. I don’t want to read it. M/F/M

I loved the first two books. If the M/F/M was out of the third book I’m sure I would love it.

Four Roses for this series

Four Roses



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