The Billionaire Game – Kade


Title: The Billionaire’s Game
Author: J.S. Scott
Series: The Billionaire’s Obsession-Kade
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Sexual Content: Spicy

The Billionaire’s Obsession Series: 
1. The Billionaire’s Obsession – The Complete Boxed Set (Simon and Kara)
2. Heart Of The Billionaire – The Billionaire’s Obsession ~ Sam (Sam and Maddie)
3. The Billionaire’s Salvation – The Billionaire’s Obsession ~ Max (Max And Mia)
4. The Billionaire’s Game – The Billionaire’s Obsession ~ Kade (Kade and Asha)

Kade is a ex-football player looking for something to do with himself. His brother-in-law Max and friend Maddie ask him to look for their half-sister Asha. Kade becomes intrigued than attracted to Asha.

Asha is Indian/American. Her ex-husband beat her so Asha has some issued to face but so does Kade.

My Thoughts:
Two characters that need to heal and find love in their lives. Kade is quirky, sexy & protective. Asha is strong, talented & loving. I have read several of the Billionaire Obsession books all have been a good read. If you like reading about strong sexy characters that overcome their issues to find love this is the book for you.

Five Roses for The Billionaire’s Game- (Kade and Asha)

Five Roses
Five Roses

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