Arctic Winds #1(Alpine Woods Shifter)


Title: Arctic Winds #1
Author: Sondrae Bennett
Series: Alpine Woods Shifter
Genre: Paranormal Romance

I bought my copy on amazon kindle but now I’m unable to find this book on Amazon or Barnes & Noble. I did find the authors website.

Author’s website:
Sexual Content: Spicy


Nothing will stop a wolf once he’s found his mate…not even her own doubts. After her skulk abandoned her four years ago, Samantha knew she would never truly be wanted. When she accidentally stumbles into a wolf town and is asked by their premier to stay, she believes it’s the novelty of an arctic fox motivating him. She knows she’ll be on her own again once he tires of her. Jason finds himself pulled to Samantha from the moment she faints in his arms. His wolf is calling to him, telling him he’s found their mate and the heat he feels for Samantha is impossible to resist. But his little fox is loaded down with emotional baggage and doesn’t believe she’s worthy of love. Can he overcome her fears? Or will pack jealousies and the local foxes convince her she doesn’t belong with him before he has a chance?

My Thoughts: Spoiler Alert!

If you have the craving for a small town shifter story, then Arctic Winds is perfect. Samantha is such sweet little arctic fox. Her shy nature is so appealing.

Jason shows Samantha she has a place in his heart and town.

This couple overcomes Samantha’s fear of never finding a mate. Why couldn’t she find a mate? She just couldn’t see anyone loving her.

The feeling of small town sweetness in this book is very strong. I loved it! I recommend this book.

Five Roses for Arctic Winds

Five Roses

Five Roses

Jason & Samantha are just so right together. Samantha gets a new town, new family and a new love.

images (2) love_moon_cats1 Love-Birds-Parrots


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