Chained(Brides of Kindred Series#9)

Title: Chained18245746
Author: Evangeline Anderson
Series: Brides of Kindred Series
Genre: Erotica Futuristic/Sci Fi Romance
Sexual Content: 5    Monogamous/High Sexual Content

Description: Goodreads Description
Maggie Jordan is not supposed to be having adventures. Her mission is to go to Gaia, a new, unpopulated world, and study the native life forms there. So how come she finds herself in on the female dominated Yonnie Six instead, rescuing a huge, muscular prisoner? The same prisoner she keeps seeing over and over again in her dreams…

Korexiroth—or Kor, as Maggie dubs him, is a slave who spent his life fighting in the savage arenas of the Blood Circuit. He’s got plenty of kills under his belt and more than enough reasons to run as soon as he gets free. But somehow he can’t make himself part from the girl who was brave enough to save him from certain death.

My Thoughts:

My desire for Sci Fi romance was quenched with Chained. Maggie is easy to relate to. She is a shy, BBW girl who just wants to study plants & cute alien creatures. Kor is big, bold and has never been loved.

I have read the other books in the series and thought Chained is an excellent addition to it.

Spoiler Alert: I had a flash backs to Spartacus in one scene but I loved both stories so I’m good with it.  (gladiator hero kills his friend scene) The sexual content in this book is high. The love scenes are well done and eye-popping. 🙂 I loved it! I was entertained!

Five Roses for Chained

Five Roses

Five Roses

Authors Goodreads Website: Evangeline Anderson

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