The Originals on CW

Returns Tuesday, January 14th- Spoilers in this post

The Vampires of New Orleans

The Originals is a new show since April 2013. The Originals doesn’t have a teeny bopper feel to it. I’m so thankful for that. It’s  a family of vampires from the TV show Vampire Diaries. The evil brother, Klaus is a vampire/werewolf hybrid. Klaus makes all kinds of trouble in the french quarter. He’s trying to take over Marcel his vampire apprentice territory. Klaus sees it and he wants it.  Klaus is a master manipulator. He wants power and he isn’t afraid to go after it. Marcel would like to keep his power. Elijah just wants his family back together.


King Marcel


Elijah, wants his family together


King Klaus holding court

The  show takes place in the  french quarter of New Orleans its complete with powerful witches, swamp werewolves  and wicked looking vampires.The introduction of swamp werewolves for January is genius & the love interests are starting to become more intense.  The fun has just beginning and I’m excited to see more of these Original vampires in January. 🙂

Main Character List:

Hayley-Pregnant Werewolf with Klaus baby
Eve-Swamp werewolf
Camille-Kieran niece, Klaus & Marcel love interest
Marcel-Klaus progeny,love interest of Rebekah
Joshua-Gay Vampire, friend to Davina
Davina-Powerful witch

Five Roses for The Originals



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