Bay’s Mercenary (Unearthly World Series #1)

Title: Bay’s Mercenary
Author: C.L. Scholey
Series: Unearthly World
Genre: Futuristic or Sci-Fi Romance
Buy It: Amazon
Length: 166 pages-Cost: $4.99
Sexual Content: 5 Monogamous M/F

Description: Good Reads
Bay went from tortured human captive to exotic alien pet in a heartbeat. Zargonnii warrior mercenaries are like nothing she has ever seen before. What do they want from her? The unearthly world Bay is taken to is fascinating, frightening and a lot different from Earth. Zargonnii males have never seen a small, vulnerable female. Their females are huge, aggressive, dominant; and the two sexes live apart for safety reasons.

Zane finds himself saddled with a bald, unusual pet Earth female. Females are anything but vulnerable in his world. This female is an oddity, and for some reason, his new pet brings on his mating cycle. Zane is mortified, until he discovers this intelligent pet of his has a secret—she’s no pet at all. It takes everything in Zane’s power to control the temptation of his kind’s breeding habits—until he can control it no more.
My Thoughts:
What an exciting world C.L. Scholey has created again. This series is a great spin of the New World Series. C.L. Scholey starts the Unearthly World series with good humor. The aliens are funny, strong and tender-hearted with their new pet. How do you feed, clean, discipline & show love to a new pet with no instructions?

The characters are likeable. Bay’s strength is inspiring. It would stretch any women’s strength of survival to be sold  as a pet then have fierce-looking males try to take care of her.

Zane’s physical appearance is huge & hairy like a sexy big foot.  His confusion over his feeling for his new pet is entertaining. “He dammed his brother for bringing her here” Then falls madly, passionately in love.

I would like to see a story about Blu or Flynn in this series.

Five roses for Bay’s Mercenary

Five Roses

Five Roses


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