Alien Abduction-Bundle

Title: Alien Abduction Bundle16157003
Author: Eve Langlais
Series: Alien Abduction
Genre: Futuristic Romance
Publication date: August 2, 2012
Format: ebook, paperback
Length: 477 pages
Price: $6.99
Buy: Amazon
Sexual Content:
Intentional Abduction 5
Dual Abduction 5+
Accidental Abduction 5

Warning: This novel contains previously released stories Accidental Abduction, Intentional Abduction and Dual Abduction. These three stories of alien abduction and seduction have been bundled into a handy anthology for your reading pleasure.

A 3-in-1 bundle of your favorite purple aliens featuring:

Alien Abduction: He didn’t mean to abduct the human female, but now that he has her, should he kill her or take her as his mate?

Intentional Abduction: She intentionally abducted him because of his skills as a warrior, but when the chance arose, he stole her back for revenge.

Dual Abduction: Abducted by alien slavers, Louisa doesn’t think her week can get any stranger until two big purple warriors arrive to the rescue—and then fight over who gets to keep her.
My Thoughts:
This series is filled with action and funny characters that kept me entertained for days. The possessive, monogamous & fun relationships in Alien Abduction and Intentional abduction are my favorites.

The next book in this series is Mercenary Abduction. The male hero in Mercenary Abduction is so entertaining.

Futuristic/Sci Fi Romance fans will enjoy reading this series.

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