Title: Grimmgrim
Author: M.K. Eidem
Series: Not yet a series
Genre: Futuristic Romance
Publication date: August 30, 2013
Format: ebook
Sexual Content: 5
Length: 336 pages

King Grim Vasteri is the strongest, most feared warrior in the Tornian Empire. He has been sent by his Emperor to find and retrieve compatible females for their dying civilization. Lisa is a widowed mother of two little girls who finds herself and her daughters suddenly in high demand. Will the most feared warrior in the Empire keep and protect them? Or will he allow another to protect them?

My Thoughts:
I looked all over for an alien romance and this filled that void. I really enjoyed this book, I couldn’t put it down all weekend.

Grim was sweet to the girls but a real alpha male when needed. Grim & Lisa have good chemistry. How? The love scenes were filled with passion. Lisa is a strong woman who starts educating the Tornian males on how to treat a earth woman.

I hope this author writes a story about Kim & the Emperor, Rebecca & Callen and
Abby & Ynyr

Five roses for Grim

Five Roses

Five Roses


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I like RV camping, birdwatching, walking, outdoor cooking, reading & writing romance. Enjoy!
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