Engulf(New World#5)

Title: Engulfengult
Author: C.L. Scholey
Series: New World
Genre: Futuristic Romance
Publication date: February 28, 2013
Author’s website: http://www.clscholey.com/
Format: ebook
Length: 102 pages
Price: $4.99
Buy: Amazon
Sexual Content: 5


For a year Abri and five other women have found themselves trapped on a lonely planet, after their shuttle crashes on its way to Ulsy. They have fled Earth and the fiery rubble it has become. The crash has left Abri deaf and hurting with her aloneness. When sound becomes nothing, her other senses heighten, especially when they encounter two huge, handsome aliens.

Raiden has seen human women, but on his planet females are few and far between. He and his warrior mate, Cace, can’t believe their good luck when they stumble across six of them on a deserted planet. The little deaf female, Abri, catches Raiden’s heart the moment her essence seeps into his skin. He must have her. Their healing waters or his shield will cure her strange malady once they have mated. Or will it?

My Thoughts:

Abri is a strong female heroine. She didn’t let deafness define who she is. Raiden is a likeable guy.  Why? even though Abi is deaf Raiden picked her for his female.

C.L. Scholey has done a terrific job of creating this futuristic romance series. We have action, romance, adventure & mystery all in 102 pages.

What could this series use? This series could use a real bad boy Tonan falling for a sweet human female. My hope is C.L Scholey will continue writing this series but with longer books and a few Tonan’s falling in love. I get excited when a bad boy falls in love.

Five Roses for Engulf by C.L. Scholey

 Five Roses

Five Roses

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