Apparition(New World#4)

Title: Apparition #4app
Author: C.L. Scholey
Series: New World
Genre: Futuristic Romance
Publication date: November 1, 2012
Author’s website:
Format: ebook
Price: $4.99
Length: 110 pages
Buy: Amazon Barnes
Sexual Content: 5


Half Castian and half Tonan, Doss is considered nothing more than a Tonian hybrid. A being to be feared with the power to kill by penetrating what is supposed to be impenetrable. Loathed by many feared by more, Doss has spent the last seven hundred years alone, shunned by the Tonans on his planet. He preferred it that way until a nude female rider on a huge black stallion fleeing for her life catches his eye. If left alone both beast and human would be killed by their pursuant, an enraged Tonan warrior. When the scent of the female invades his nostrils Doss is captivated. He must have the female human and will go to great lengths to secure her safety.

Zoe hates both Castians and Tonans. The promise of salvation from dying Earth, on planet Ulsy, had been nothing more than a lie. Human males were slaughtered and human women were captured to lure secrets of the Castian planets, Bagron and co-planet Dargon, from enslaved warriors with the promise of sex. When met with the six foot six hybrid warrior who moved like an apparition in battle to save her and her beloved stallion, Caveat, Zoe is unsure what to do. She has no idea of his intentions, but from the shiver that runs down her spine she is certain she’s about to find out.

My Thoughts:

Doss is an angst alpha male. Being born half Castian and half Tonans is a heavy burden to carry. Zoe has strength of spirit having lost all her family she continues on with her beloved stallion. The humor while Doss tries to win Zoe from her beloved stallion is fun to read. This is one of my favorite books of the series. I just  love a guy that has suffered injustice and finds a girl to love.

Five Roses for Apparition

Five Roses

Five Roses


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