Impenetrable(New World#3)

Title: Impenetrableneworld3
Author: C.L. Scholey
Series: New World
Genre: Futuristic Romance
Publication date: August 15, 2012
Author’s website:
Format: ebook
Price: $4.99
Length: 100 pages
Buy: AmazonBarnes
Sexual Content: 5

Kidnapped from dying Earth by the heinous Tonan race, Piper is locked in a small cell, deprived of light and human companionship and tormented on a daily basis. When the door to her hell opens unexpectedly Piper is blinded by the light and walks headlong into a massively built creature. She is tossed over a shoulder, taken on the wildest ride of her life then placed into a healing pool.

Jago is a four-hundred-year-old immortal who has never seen a living breathing female before, but he knows of their existence. Their ship was headed to the planet Earth to see if they could find these rare human gifts when they accidentally stumbled onto the Tonan vessel. Desperate to find a mate Jago was thrilled when the little female walked right into his arms as though she was waiting for him. Unfortunately Jago’s leader, Cobra, has asked to impregnate Piper, thinking Jago too young.

Ultimately, the choice is Piper’s. Who will she choose?

My Thoughts:

I enjoy this series. The books are short but mighty.  Impenetrable has some less conventional ideas, but C.L. Scholey keeps true to the futuristic world she has created. Jago shows himself to follow the Castian characteristics we all loved in book 1 and 2.

Piper is a spirited, smart heroine that learns who loves her. I’m looking forward to Cobra’s book. The look in his mate’s eyes when Cobra tell her “It’s my duty dear to help impregnate the human women” it’s going to be  wait for it.…….. Legendary.

Five Roses for Impenetrable

Five Roses

Five Roses


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